The Day I Made Dean Blevins Cry!


I may have implied in the previous Memory that defensive players like me were never allowed to hit Dean Blevins because of the Pink Quarterback dress he always wore.

That's not entirely true. I did pole-axe him one time in the meeting room.

I wasn’t made a starter for Norman High until I was a Senior. So the first couple of times we bused to Owens Stadium for Thursday “hats, jerseys and cleats”, no-contact practices, I was REALLY excited.

Number 28 was about to be in the house, baby, sporting his flashy white Adidas cleats, featuring hand-painted orange Tiger stripes that were a blur when I flew over the turf.

On this particular day in infamy, the bus was about to pull out when I realized I had left my helmet in my locker.

I shot off the bus and through the meeting room that was attached to the locker room.

Unfortunately, right when I hit the door going thisaway, Dean hit it going thataway.

Even more unfortunate, Dean was in street clothes and on crutches, because he'd recently suffered an ankle sprain.

Most unfortunate of all, the full force of our massive collision exploded right into Dean’s wounded ankle.

He bent over and started bashing his crutches up and down on the floor while going, "Oh! Oh! Oh!" Then he collapsed backwards onto one of the desktops in the meeting room.

He stuck his heavily bandaged ankle high up in the air and started emitting a sound like a wounded animal.

Trust me, it was not the sound you would ever want to hear coming from your star quarterback.

I really felt bad, but there wasn't much I could do. So I ran into the locker room, grabbed my helmet, and raced back through the meeting room, perhaps a little slower this time.

Dean was still lying on the desk, whimpering, and his face looked a little less contorted.

I took that as a good sign, so I apologised and jumped onto the bus.

On the long drive to Owens Stadium, I started to get really worried.

What if I'd really hurt Dean? What if I had broken his ankle and he was out for the year?

The coaches would kill me. I'd be benched for the rest of my life!

But, thanks be to God, I hadn’t crippled Dean. In fact, he was back in the starting lineup pretty quickly.

And while he was on crutches, cheerleaders were carrying his books between classes, so he was doing all right.

Thankfully, I never heard a word mentioned about our unfortunate collision.

I'm not sure if that was because Dean was being a good guy, by not telling the coaches on me, or if he just didn't want anyone to know that 128-pound Billy Moore had made him cry.

(Yep, I know its officially "Owen Field". But my late Mom called it "Owen's Stadium". And she's my Mom, so...)



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Just finished reading your book. I was laughing out loud so much my husband asked what was I reading! And I kept thinking, “Bless his mom's heart”! My dad also read it and said he found it delightful. Looking forward to the second book. Thanks for the entertainment!

1 year ago


Fun and great read!!! If you grew up in the 60 and 70 you will be able to relate to many fun stories the author tells!
Bill Moore is a very talented and entertaining author with a great sense of humor! I highly recommend this book!!!

2 years ago
Susan B.
Susan B.

Couldn’t put it down. A total joy to read.

The author was a classmate of mine in high school, and is still a great Facebook friend. I knew this book would be awesome b/c of the way Bill writes his posts on Facebook telling his friends of his life in New Zealand. This book touched my heart in soo many ways. Bills writing is so descriptive, that in your mind you see what he’s writing about or transports you to the place. I couldn’t put it down. Bill, thank you for letting me go back to my days of innocence as a child in Norman, Oklahoma.

2 years ago

Having known the author all our lives I expected nothing less than stellar from him and he does not disappoint. It brought smiles and loud guffaws as I tripped down memory lane with him. It was so much more personal to me as I knew the characters in the book but all will enjoy reminiscing about that magical time in Norman . Give it a read you wont be disappointed!

4 years ago

I think anyone who grew up around the 1960s will enjoy this trip down memory lane!

5 years ago

Bill Moore, Writer

Norman-born Bill Moore spent four decades as a newspaper reporter and P.R. guy, writing at least 900 gazillion words in Texas, Washington, D.C., Singapore and New Zealand.
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