Halloween Ghosts, Hobos and Midgets

(New Book!)


Imagine letting your kids dress up in weird costumes and walk around the neighborhood, unsupervised and at night, collecting candy from complete strangers.

What could possibly go wrong?

But nothing ever did back in the day, when kids were safe, free was good, and none of us on Nebraska Street ever paid a dime for our Halloween costumes.

You just had to be creative.

If you weren’t, your Mom would make it a “Good Ol’ Charlie Brown Halloween”, outfitting you in yet another dumb ghost costume, consisting of an ill-fitting white sheet with eye holes you couldn’t see out of.


The Halloween I was a ghost, the tattered sheet’s eyeholes were all over the place and a major safety hazard.

I took a nasty spill after misjudging a curb, which set me tumbling one way and my sack of candy the other.

A shark frenzy ensued, and I lost most of my candy to the other greedy Trick-or-Treaters.

It wasn’t that big deal, though. Steve and I just went around the block again.

It wasn’t like the adults could tell one kid in a ghost costume from another, and there were hundreds of them.

After the embarrassing ghost costume Halloween, I vowed to come up with a truly great costume the next year. And that was…

A hobo!

If you read my first book, you’ll remember the story about Norman’s annual Lion’s Club Carnival that was held where Main Street intersects with the railroad tracks.

It was awesome fun, but every year there was a horrible smell that worsened as the carnival went on. A teenager told me that the smell was caused by a hobo who’d been run over by a train.

So what, I ask you, could be better on Halloween than going as a smelly Hobo who was soon to be cut in half by a locomotive?...

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Just finished reading your book. I was laughing out loud so much my husband asked what was I reading! And I kept thinking, “Bless his mom's heart”! My dad also read it and said he found it delightful. Looking forward to the second book. Thanks for the entertainment!

4 months ago


Fun and great read!!! If you grew up in the 60 and 70 you will be able to relate to many fun stories the author tells!
Bill Moore is a very talented and entertaining author with a great sense of humor! I highly recommend this book!!!

7 months ago
Susan B.
Susan B.

Couldn’t put it down. A total joy to read.

The author was a classmate of mine in high school, and is still a great Facebook friend. I knew this book would be awesome b/c of the way Bill writes his posts on Facebook telling his friends of his life in New Zealand. This book touched my heart in soo many ways. Bills writing is so descriptive, that in your mind you see what he’s writing about or transports you to the place. I couldn’t put it down. Bill, thank you for letting me go back to my days of innocence as a child in Norman, Oklahoma.

7 months ago

Having known the author all our lives I expected nothing less than stellar from him and he does not disappoint. It brought smiles and loud guffaws as I tripped down memory lane with him. It was so much more personal to me as I knew the characters in the book but all will enjoy reminiscing about that magical time in Norman . Give it a read you wont be disappointed!

3 years ago

I think anyone who grew up around the 1960s will enjoy this trip down memory lane!

4 years ago

Bill Moore, Writer

Norman-born Bill Moore spent four decades as a newspaper reporter and P.R. guy, writing at least 900 gazillion words in Texas, Washington, D.C., Singapore and New Zealand.
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